Show Them Jesus – introduction

The Need:

I’m excited about reading Show Them Jesus with you. I’m excited coverbecause as disciples of Jesus we are all called to live as salt and light in this dark, sin-sick world. That job is not an easy one. Often it is personally painful to live like Jesus and share the gospel with those closest to us. But in the midst of our difficulties and weakness God shows His goodness and grace. That’s why I was encouraged by how Klumpenhower realistically describes our calling. (After looking at how to spell that name 3 times, I’m going to refer to the author as “Jack” from now on.;)

“Jesus tells us that the work of proclaiming God’s kingdom is dangerous. It takes courage. It demands earnest prayer. It’s more about faith than giftedness, and it requires no resources other than those God provides. It’s a high-stakes spiritual battle, using supernatural weapons. Anyone who’s willing to engage the fight on this level is needed for the cause. Such an adventurer will reap a rare mix of power, humility, and wide-eyed joy.” (p. 2-3)

I’m excited because together we have the privilege of engaging with God and His church in the adventure of sharing Jesus with the children and families that He brings into our classrooms. I’m excited because the truths of this book will encourage us to press on. Thanks for volunteer for this adventurous battle!

The Purpose:

Jack states in the introduction that his purpose in writing is to encourage us to live up to the calling of teaching and treasuring the good news of Jesus. We minister to many children who are being taught faithfully by their parents and other adults in their lives, and have an astounding amount of biblical knowledge. We want that knowledge to be fuel for the fire of their hearts to love and treasure Jesus above all the other competitors in this world. In order to effectively communicate the worth of Jesus to our students we must believe it ourselves. The first part of this book will help us treasure the good news, and the second part will help us teach it.

The Example:

Jack shares the example of teaching the story of Achan and relating it to the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This had a faith building impact on one young girl and her mother. Do you have an example like his? Have you ever taught a difficult passage or truth and then been rewarded to see the Holy Spirit use it in ways you didn’t expect? Please share!

Moving Forward:

Next week we will read and discuss Chapter 1: “The One-Note Teacher”. I’m sorry that I have been late in getting this book study moving, but I want to use November to catch up. So we will take one chapter each week in November in order get back on track.

I Want to Hear from You:

What were your biggest takeaways from this chapter?

How will this chapter impact your teaching in the future?

What can you share that will encourage the rest of us to live up to our calling?

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