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Jesus-Centered Teaching:

What teacher has had the most impact on your life? Observing Joe’s lesson forever changed Jack’s approach to teaching.  Joe’s emphasis on the gracious activity of God toward Samuel and the connection he made to Jesus was different than the moralistic approach Jack expected. “Gradually, I saw that Joe’s chief purpose was just to let us see Jesus a little bigger and better than we’d seen him before.” (p. 14) Isn’t that what we all want to do each week? Help our students see Jesus in bigger, deeper ways so that their hearts will love Him more.

The Goal of our Teaching:

This was also Paul’s primary goal. (Though I doubt he had a room full of 3 year olds or active 5th grade boys to teach.:) As 1 Corinthians 2 shows us, Paul did not trust in his oratory skills and persuasive words to elicit the heart change needed to bring about faith and repentance. He used every opportunity to exalt Christ and share with the Corinthians the good news, that Jesus had already done for them what was needed. Teaching with a focus on the person and work of Jesus does not eliminate behavioral change. It gives us good news that enables true faith-filled worship and obedience.

“The message of Jesus’s death and resurrection is a tool of the Spirit to change hearts. Nagging is not.” (p. 16)

Even as we think and work toward improving our teaching skills, it is not because we think our abilities will be what changes our students. We use every tool in our creative arsenal so that we can give our students the truest, clearest picture of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to exalt Christ so that their faith will rest on Him and not on us.

The Challenge:

On page 18 Jack addresses each one of us when he says, “Fellow teachers, our challenge is to proclaim the good news of Jesus so clearly and consistently that no kid of ours will ever place him in a category with typical religious leaders. Our calling is to be good-news fanatics.” In your classroom, are you a good news fanatic? I’m so thankful that as I observe you teaching and hear accounts of how your students are responding to the gospel that you are clearly fulfilling your calling. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you and use His word and Spirit to transform hearts and lives for His glory!

Moving Forward:

Next week we will read and discuss Chapter 2: “The God Report Card”. I’m sorry that I have been late in getting this book study moving, but I want to use November to catch up. So we will take one chapter each week in November in order get back on track.

I Want to Hear from You: (Click on “Leave a Reply” in order to comment.)

  • What were your biggest takeaways from this chapter?
  • How will this chapter impact your teaching in the future?
  • Share about a teacher that has impacted you. How do you teach differently because of them?


One thought on “Show Them Jesus – The One-Note Teacher

  1. Jason

    Found this quote recently that helps me understand the need to exalt Christ and his redemptive work in every lesson rather than just point to Him as our example.

    Dennis Johnson in his book “Him We Proclaim” says, “To focus on Jesus as example is to reduce him from sovereign Savior to ethical coach, and to transform his gospel into law.”


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